Duct Cleaning at Modest Prices

EMU Cleaning Services has delivered highly efficient and quality duct cleaning service at a very modest price. I will be soon calling you guys to clean my office ducts as well because I have experienced a dramatic reduction in my power bills too after duct cleaning.
- Dharma

Bonded Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Eagle Cleaning Services is a company that is insured and bonded for commercial carpet cleaning. We have come across their services recently and we just commend the way they deliver complete customer satisfaction with quality services. Will be using their other cleaning services too.
- Jonas Lodge

Same Day Cleaning Service

I have been using Emu Cleaning Services for the last 2 month; I was asking for a standard clean every week and found this option much better for what I needed. I'm a mother of 10 years old and a little child, and I can assure you that every two weeks I leave them a very dirty and messy house! In a few hours they will tidy, organized, and clean everything up...proper hard working ladies! I'm very happy with the team I've got; I would advice to book it by phone, to make sure they are going to be the same team every time. I would really recommend it to anyone who needs a bit of help.
- Morey Haley

Professionals of Mattress Cleaning

I tried many professional cleaners in Brisbane before booking EMU Cleaning Team. And now I can say it without thinking twice that they are the real professionals.They did their job in a very professional way and give exceptional customer service as well.
- William

Amazing Pest Elimination

The pest problem is one of the most irritating problems on the earth. Before booking EMU Cleaning Services I was seriously suffering from the pest nuisance in my office as well as home. In spite of using all the household remedy as well I am unable to manage the mess. Thanks to my friend John who suggested me about EMU Cleaning Services to get rid of pest from my premises. At the end, hiring a pest control service resolved my problem from the root. Now I am happy.
- Flynn

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

Emu offers professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services. We are glad that we found Emu online and they made our Tiles look like new.
- Glen

The Best Tile Cleaner

Very professional shower and bathroom tile cleaners. They arrived on the same day of bookings. No mould left on the bathroom tiles.
- Linda

Pipe brust

I called these Emu Cleaning Services team because of a soaked carpet. A pipe burst in my bathroom and flooded the second floor. Shortly after I called, they were already at my house. I looked and around and immediately fixed the problem. When they left my carpet was spotless and smelled amazing. Highly recommend these team. Thank you.
- Ottle

Better than expectations

I can say that their services would be hundred percent better than your expectations. I chose them for cleaning my stained carpets and they removed each and every stain with utmost attention and perfection.
- Cooper