How to Remove Dents in The Carpet?

A beautiful carpet adds to the ambience of the home. You might be really possessive about cleaning and vacuuming them every once in a while. Which is a really good thing? However, we are ok with dents in our carpets in many places. We are ok with the carpet being laid down like that. Dents majorly occur at places of high traffic or if you have moved something heavy over the particular spot. And, it really becomes if you have to move your furniture here and there. It is equally dangerous for you as if the dent is deep; there is a possibility of you tripping over it. So, it is always better to opt for carpet repair as soon as you see a dent. When hiring a Carpet Repair Service always ensure that they have a deep knowledge about the following points before going ahead. Here are a few things that can help you select the best professional carpet repair service to fix the dents.

Carpet Repair Service
Carpet Repair Service

Carpet Repair With Ice Baby:

Have you ever thought of using an ice cube for carpet repair, well, we know it sounds weird. Ice cubes work great for treating dents. All you need to do is place an ice cube over the dented area for a few hours until it completely melts. Use a soft sponge to soak the excess water in the area, use a coin or spoon to lift up the carpet fibers over the dent.

Carpet Repair With Steam:

Steaming is good for both carpet cleaning and carpet repair. It’s an opposite approach to the previous one. Lay a clean cloth, preferably cotton or a muslin cloth over the dent and steam heat the cloth with iron. Never place an iron directly over the dent as it can burn or damage the area more. After heating the area for about 15 seconds. Try to gently ladle up the fibers.

Carpet Repair With Damp Towel:

Sometimes deep dents become a problem area, where ice and steam don’t help much. Here comes the damp towel dent removal therapy to the rescue. Start by laying down a moist towel on the dent. Carefully iron over the towel on medium heat. The fibers would bounce up because of the heat. Keep the towel on the divot until it dries. At last, vacuum over the area so fibers are sucked to maximum height.

Carpet Repair With Blow Dryer:

If nothing works, you can just pick up your blow dryer. Start by spraying the dent area with a bit of water. Now, use a blow dryer to add volume to the carpet fibers in a similar way you do to your hair. Generously use your fingers to arouse the carpet fibers throughout the drying process. Just as you do with your hair.

Carpet Flood Damage Repair
Carpet Flood Damage Repair

Carpet Repair By Professional:

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