Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

Emu Curtain Cleaning Brisbane provides complete care for home curtain and blinds. We provide same day onsite curtain steam cleaning, drapery cleaning and blinds cleaning services in Brisbane.

Call us 0488 842 282 Before Hiring Curtain Cleaner in Brisbane.We are certified & trained in Curtain steam cleaning services.

EMU Curtain Cleaning Brisbane provides the best quality services with 24 X 7 hour customer support and facilities for online chat and booking.

Complete Curtain Cleaning Solutions in Brisbane

If you’re looking for a top-notch company offering curtain cleaning services in Brisbane then you’re at the right place. Whether you’re looking for a quick freshening-up for your fabrics or looking for deep cleaning of your curtains, EMU Cleaning Services Brisbane provides the best quality services.With 24 X 7 hour customer support and facilities for online chat and booking, we’re always near you your time of need.

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Curtain & Blinds Cleaning

Why Curtain & Blinds Cleaning

Curtains are efficient air-filters; they catch airborne dust, odour, smoke, allergens, and other contaminants. All of this combined together creates a conducive habitat for dust mites. These dust mites are capable of causing a vast variety of allergic reactions, eczema, dermatitis, asthma, dry cough, sneezing etc. This also reduces the life of the curtains. Moreover, regular usage causes discoloration too.

Therefore, it is suggested to get your curtains professionally cleaned to protect them and prolong their life. Curtains are often left hanging for years and allowed to collect huge amounts of dust, germs and odours. When was the last time you got your curtains cleaned and sanitized?

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Benefits of Curtain & Blind Cleaning

You can avail numerous benefits of curtain and blind cleaning services but only if you get them cleaned by authentic professionals who know their job well. At EMU Cleaning Services, we promise to give you the following benefits with our flawless cleaning services for your curtains and blinds:

  • Cleaner curtains
  • Cleaner blinds
  • Beautiful windows and door hangings
  • Long life for curtains and blinds
  • Bright and shiny curtains and blinds
  • Healthy and hygienic curtains and blinds
  • Enhanced living and working atmosphere with cleaner window hangings
  • Lesser chances of health issues
  • No untimely discoloration
  • No shrinkage of curtain fabric
Blind Cleaning Brisbane
EMU Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

EMU Curtain Cleaning Process

Before starting drape cleaning process, our expert team at EMU Cleaning Services always checks for the type of fabric your curtain is made of. We note down the kind of fabric, fastness of colours, and type of weave your curtain is made of. Drapes are made of different fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, synthetic fibers, nylon, linen, polyester, and so on. Some of them can be dry cleaned however some need steam cleaning. So we have both the options and only after proper inspection we decide which method would yield best results. We provide both onsite curtain and off site curtain cleaning. Both processes are explained below:

On Site Curtain Cleaning

  1. First we do a thorough inspection to see what extent of cleaning is required to figure out which cleaning solution would be most appropriate.
  2. All removable stains on the curtains are pre-treated with special eco-friendly solutions.
  3. We do either curtain steam cleaning or curtain dry cleaning as per the fabric of the curtain.
  4. Curtain odour removal is the next step which is achieved by deodorizing the curtains.
  5. We use latest air dryers for quick drying of the curtains.
  6. Lastly we inspect the curtains again to see if something else needs to be done.

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    Off Site Curtain Cleaning Brisbane

    For off site curtain cleaning, our experts are responsible for removing and hanging back your curtains once they are cleaned. We take your curtains to our workshop for thorough cleaning. However, before we do that, our experts will:

    • Take accurate measurements of the curtains for assuring no shrinkage.
    • Take note of your special demands.
    • Take note of tie backs along with drapery.
    • Make a mutual agreement on curtain cleaning cost.
    • Note down if there any damages in the curtains.
    • Inform you of any tough to be removed stains.
    • Inform of any risks if involved in case of exclusive curtain fabrics.

    Our Blinds Cleaning Process

    You can trust EMU Cleaning Services for all kinds of blinds cleaning including venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, and any other that you have at your home or office. We use the following cleaning method:

    1. First we remove the fittings and do a thorough inspection of the blinds and its surrounding area.
    2. Clean all the removed fittings with eco-friendly cleaning solutions.
    3. Clean each individual column blind with highly effective cleaning solutions.
    4. After cleaning, our experts fix the fittings back again.
    5. Not just the fittings, we also clean the framework and the entire surrounding area of the blinds.

    Our Guarantee for Curtain & Blind Cleaning

    EMU Cleaning Service Brisbane offers complete customer satisfaction with money back guarantee. This entails you to ask for a free cleaning service the second time if you are not happy with the outcomes of the service in the first go.

    Why Us for Curtains & Blinds Cleaning Services


    • We offer 100% customer satisfaction.
    • We are available 24 X 7 hour, seven days a week.
    • We provide same day and emergency services for curtain & blinds cleaning in Brisbane.
    • We serve all areas of Brisbane.
    • No additional cost for service on weekends or public holidays.
    • We use green cleaning methods to make any harmful impact on the environment.
    • We use latest techniques and hire only licensed and certified cleaners.

    Call EMU Cleaning Services Brisbane to give a classy touch to your curtains and make them absolutely beautiful with our result-oriented curtains and blinds cleaning services!

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    Benefits of Curtain & Blind Cleaning

    Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia