Common Tile and Grout Problems and How to Solve Them

Dirty tiles and grout may cause various contagious diseases. Sometimes, it seems a vital task to keep maintained and cleaned tiles for every homeowner. And, It becomes more frustrating when you try to clean your tiles with detergents and water but, your all efforts will be in vain. Especially, bathroom tiles and kitchen tiles are the ideal places for fungus and mould to grow in and hard to clean.

In that case, tiles and grout cleaning is compulsory for being healthy because these types of germs or bacteria probably growing in tiled exteriors can breed several dangerous infections such as frequent cough or cold and flu. So, It’s your responsibility to clean your tiles and grout daily. If you don’t want to this laborious task then, you can also call the experts for professional tile cleaning.

Tiles and Grout Cleaning
Tiles and Grout Cleaning

Here, Common Tile and Grout Problems are Given Below and What Can You Do to Fix Them.

White or Dull Tile Surface

If you are dealing with the white or dull tile surface, after tile and grout cleaning then, it is very simple to understand that a wrong cleaning procedure or product has been applied on your tiled surface. In this case, you should get the help of professional tiles cleaners because professionals know how to clean tiles and grout exactly. They can also give you some easy tips to maintain tiles and grout.

Stained and Messy Grout

Do you think that Some cleaning procedure can cause stained and messy grout? Usually, Grout’s joints remain below than the tiles, so that dust, soil and other contaminants can get their way to move into the grout’s joints while cleaning or scrubbing tiles. To get rid of these stained and messy grout, you can hire professionals for Tile and Grout Cleaning Services.

Hollow or Loose Tiles

You should remember while installation that your contractor or builder is fixing your tiles adhesively. If you have to deal with the issues of hollow or loose tiles then, it is very fair to guess that tile and grout are fixed strongly with casual adhesive products. Hollow or loose tiles can crack or break eventually or uplift from the outer surface. You can resolve these all problems by just hiring professionals. However, it is one solution is to re-tiled your floor. Professionals can embed adhesive under the tiles easily. So, hire professionals for this.

Hollow or Loose Tiles Repairing
Hollow or Loose Tiles Repairing

Mould or Fungus

Mould or Fungus can be usually seen in bathroom or showers tiles. It is very usual tile problem because of humid and highly wet areas in the bathroom. Cleanser or soaps scraps and body oils also produce a mash source that boosts mould extension in the bathroom.

Choose Professionals

If your all efforts are useless to clean your tiles and grout then, should get Professional tiles cleaner for professional tiles cleaning. Emu Cleaning Services gives professional tile and grout cleaning services that not only enhance your floor sparkle but will also help you to get rid of dirty and stained tiles. So, grab your phone and call us immediately.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
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