Carpet Repair Brisbane

Our carpet makes our home look great, without carpet, paints and aesthetics a home or place is empty. We know the importance of the carpets and we know how bad it feels when something happens to our carpet. At EMU Cleaning Services we provide the complete solution for any type of carpet damage, we know sometimes things get out of control and accident happens and carpet gets damaged. Thus, we have all the required tools, material and ingredients to do the carpet repair. We are offering carpet repair and re-installation Brisbane services in and around the city, so, if your carpet is damaged you can contact us.

Carpet Repair and Re Install Brisbane

Carpet Repair and Re Install Brisbane

We Fix All These Carpet Damage.

  • Burned carpet from iron or cigarette.
  • Ripped, tear or fretted carpet repair.
  • For loose carpet, we provide carpet stretching.
  • Carpet seams.
  • Pet damage, odour and stains.
  • Water damage repair.
  • Spots, bleach and fade carpet treatment.
  • Proper installation of the carpet with smooth edges or carpet grippers.

How We Do It?

We follow a strict protocol to do the carpet damage repair, our technicians first need to know the problem and cause of it. Therefore, we first do the inspection and figure out all the issues which is needed to be addressed.

  • We offer suggestions to the clients so that they can make the right choice regarding their carpet.
  • Then we provide the quote for carpet repair and re-installation Brisbane
  • Once the payment is discussed and agreed, we schedule the appointment to deliver the service.
Carpet Burn Repair Brisbane

Carpet Burn Repair Brisbane

Services We Provide for Carpet Repair and Re-Installation Brisbane

Here are all our services explained below, we make sure that the services have been done in a proper way and clients are happy with our services.

  • Carpet Power Stretching-

    Due to improper installation of the carpet, it gets tufted and this cause premature wear and tear. As per the standards, carpet must be installed drum tight, if you can lift the carpet with a pinch and it’s coming out even half an inch, it must be reinstalled to avoid premature wear and tear. Moreover, poorly installed carpet look bad as well, we provide a quality solution of carpet power stretching.

  • Stains & Spots On The Carpet-

    Removing stains sometimes is a difficult task if the stain is not removed using chemicals or any other means, we remove the stain by cutting the exact piece from the carpet. Then we replace that piece with the same colour patch of that carpet.

  • Carpet Seam Repairs-

    Carpets are available in long width at shops, which is why while installation it requires joining within different premises. If the installation was not done well and conditions are not favourable, the carpet will get separated from the joining this will result in frizzing or tearing. We can easily do this repair, we have expert technicians.

  • Colour Repair Of The Carpet-

    Sometimes when the carpet gets dull, we do repair the colour using dye, and if you want to match the colour of your carpet to your room we also do that. We also do colour enhancement and remove bleach spot and colour dye spot, food stain and other stubborn stain are also treated using colour enhancement technique.

  • Carpet Bonded Fusion-

    This is a unique technique where we treat the damaged carpet which cannot be fixed using the normal method. Usually, this method is used to remove burn marks, iron marks, melted carpet pile and any other unwanted stain or spot.

  • Water Damaged Carpet-

    Flood and other causes of water accumulation make the carpet wet when the carpet padding is absorbed in water the carpet start to rot. Organism and mould start to appear as water evaporates, to fix this the carpet is dried and dehumidification is done properly on time.

  • Carpet Odour-

    To remove the odour we first analyze the source of the odour, then using an appropriate method we remove the odour. We have chemical solvent and tools which is capable of dealing with this kind of problem.

Professional Carpet Repairing Services-Brisbane

Professional Carpet Repairing Services-Brisbane

We offer all these services, we have hired the best team for carpet repair and re-installation Brisbane. We have provided the team with the necessary tools and equipment, you can trust us, we ensure you that all these services are done with precision.

Why EMU Cleaning Services?

EMU Cleaning Services is a reputed company, our company is built on clients satisfaction and trust, we believe in delivering quality services. We care about people investments and do our best to save it so that our cycle remains moving. Our policy is customer friendly, there are no hidden charges, we do not ask more than we mention in the quote. For bookings, contact on our toll-free number, we promise you that we will do our best and if you’re not satisfied we will return to you to make things right. Any further questions? Feel free to write to us in case of queries and concerns regarding carpet repair and re-installation Brisbane, we take complaints and suggestion seriously, your feedback is valuable to us.

Carpet Repair Services Brisbane

Carpet Repair Services Brisbane

Location: Brisbane, QLD, Australia